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  • Now, I’m Xaverian Missionary Sister FOREVER.

    The story of my vocation is really interesting; it is completely God’s project. Let me share it with you!

    The center of my life was dancing, it was my passion. I was a dance teacher who devoted my entire life to dancing. When I found about the Xaverian Missionaries Sisters my initial thoughts were: “I need a vacation from my daily life, therefore I’ll go for six months and then I will return back to my daily life”. Little did I know that those six months were going to extend as far as the present day. I discovered my vocation when I entered the community of the Xaverian Missionaries Sisters.

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  •  “Easter is not only once a year, but every day because the Lord passes and stops at the door of our heart to talk and to listen to us. Let us not go Him without draw from the font of His Merciful Kindness, without offer to Him the most loved things, without donate to Him the most intimate affections of our heart.

    Only in this way it will be established between Jesus and us a close and effective relationship. Then, we could really be instruments of His glory and instruments for the salvation of the souls. (Easter 1956)”

                       Fr. Giacomo Spagnolo        


    “In the Paschal Mystery, it is Jesus who in his Passion and death offers himself to the Father. The Father accepts Jesus sufferings and gives him a sign in the gift of his Resurrection. For this reason the Paschal Mystery is a mystery of the Passion, Death and Resurrection of Jesus.

    Therefore, in the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, the Paschal Mystery is continued, so that if we are united with Jesus, we too offer ourselves to the Father.”


    Venerable Mother Celestina ( Easter,1968)





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    Occhi di cielo, cuore di Madre

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    Ottobre missionario - Suor Maria Angela Bertelli, Missionarie di Maria (Saveriane)

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